Every one of us need to learn. We need to learn the way to communicate with others. We need to learn how to earn our livelihood etc. Our learning can become ineffective if we are not aware of how learning works. If we know that we can work towards improving our learning. Bhagavad Gita 4.34 reveals to us the science of learning.

Learning is not a mindless chore. Knowledge is not extracted. Knowledge is received. Knowledge is not a commodity that can be purchased from a supermarket.

Learning happens through a personal relationship

Every one of us is an individual. With respect to a particular subject, we possess a certain level of talent i.e. ability to grasp, understand and apply. We possess a certain level of interest.

We need a person who knows the subject. He should be able to assess our talent and interest by observing us. He should accordingly enable us to learn as per our capacity.

Learning cannot happen overnight. There will be ups and downs. We need timely encouragement, guidance and hope.

Therefore we need a teacher who needs to personally take interest in us and help us to learn. The help we receive from our teacher depends on the closeness of our relationship with him.

Improving our relationship with teacher

When we accept what we get from our teachers and express our gratitude, our relationship with them improves. Then our teachers will be impelled to bestow more attention on us and our learning.

Our acceptance is expressed in the attention we pay to our teachers. This shows how much we value their teachings. Our appreciation for their teachings and applying them in practice definitely encourages them. Inquiries, questions w.r.t their teachings really add value to the relationship and concomitantly our learning itself. Arjuna really valued Dronacharya’s teachings. He showed it through his interest and relentless practice.

We can also reciprocate with our teacher through a gift, assistance etc. The more we value their teachings with heart, this will be a natural outcome. A gesture of this sort will naturally draw our teacher’s good wishes and attention to us. A sincere desire to reciprocate will help us to find the right opportunity and right means to reciprocate. Here Arjuna offered assistance to Dronacharya when he needs him the most. Thus Arjuna earned his teacher’s blessings and good wishes.

Learning is an integral part of our life. Our learning is dependent on our relationship with our teacher. We can enhance this relationship through acceptance, gratitude and service.


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