As you see so shall you reap

Every one of us have this experience – that sometimes the people whom we relate to does not behave as we expect. It is likely that we often blamed others for this that they are wrong or they have wrong perception of us.

Let us go back in the past and see if there is any mistake on our part. It is possible that there may be defect in our vision, speech and actions towards them. After all relationships are reciprocal.

Our desires shape our vision. Just as a vulture flying sky high always looks for carcasses and it precisely spots them on the ground leaving aside everything around.

If we are concerned about ourselves and our enjoyment and our experience, our vision will be tainted by selfishness and others react accordingly. If we want to see beautiful things and enjoy that is selfishness, if we want to be beautiful so that others will see us and feel happy that is selflessness.

If we approach others with an attitude to give, share and receive their good wishes, we can expect favourable response. If we are good to others, others will be good to us. When we approach others with a mood of giving and service, we will able to see good in others. We will be able to ignore the superficial misgivings in others. We will be able to forgive and forget those misgivings. Every one whom we interact with is inherently good. Because of improper association and upbringing, there may be some misgivings. .


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