Confronting the calamities of life

It is possible that wealth may be unequally distributed in the world, facilities may be unequally distributed, but one thing is equally distributed – problems. Every one of us has to face them some time – from billionaire to beggar and pop star to pauper. In some cases they are visible, they are well-known and in some they are not.

During a calamity, our plans, hopes, desires are repeatedly thwarted. We find our self alone with no solution at hand feeling despondent, disturbed and distracted. In a calamity, one may lament and end up in depression or one may burst out to eliminate the source of trouble and end up in destruction.

Depression and destruction – both are detrimental. Is there any other way out ?

Yes, first step in facing calamity is to consciously accept the facts – we cannot control the situation in front of us. We do not have the complete understanding of reality. Therefore there can be a solution which we may not be aware. We need someone else to help us out.

We need to approach a personality who is –

  1. Concerned to help us.
  2. Possessing an unbiased view of reality.
  3. Broad view of reality.

For example if we are drowning in a river, a person can help us if

  1. He is interested to help us.
  2. He is free to help us.
  3. He is on the bank.

One who is not obsessed with selfish enjoyment and sense indulgence can act selflessly and be inclined to help others.

One who is connected to a higher reality within can have a more clear and unbiased vision of reality without. (Bhagavad Gita 6.8) For example one who is situated on the ground has a limited vision whereas one who is situated above the ground has a broad vision.

One who is not involved in any way with our problem can have a broad view of reality beyond the problem.

Therefore we have to approach a personality fulfilling the above criteria to come out of our calamity.


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