Diwali – Remembering the rope of love

Rope is synonymous with punishment, slavery and oppression. Ropes are used to bind cattle and criminals. Being bound is something that is resisted, resented and rebelled against. All of our efforts since time immemorial are centered around getting more freedom. We have invented machines to get freedom from physical labor. We have invented weapons to get rid of our enemies. We have invented computers to avoid taxing our brain. We have invented social media and movies to be free from boredom. Are we free at last? Not really. We ended up becoming slaves of the very things that are meant to give us freedom. Indians spend 5 hours daily on smartphones. More than ever, people are bound by stress, depression and greed. Everyday, 450 people die of suicide in India. The truth is to be bound by the right thing. This is illustrated by the Yashoda-Damodar pastime that took place on this day of Diwali.

Krishna is the All-Attractive God with unparalleled beauty, charm and love. He appeared on this earth 5000 years ago in the land of Vrindavan. The little Krishna was angry one day because of being neglected by his mother Yashoda who was busy in household chores. So he broke the pot of butter and distributed its contents to his friends and monkeys. Soon, his mother discovered this naughty prank and wanted to teach Krishna a lesson. She ran to catch Krishna and tie him to a grinding mortar. She caught Krishna and started to bind him with a rope. She wants to bind Krishna to discipline him as a responsible mother. Her love is pure without any malice. Krishna being the omnipotent God was reluctant to be bound. Yashoda was desparate to bind him. She relentlessly tried bringing more and more. She went on hour after hour despite physical exhaustion. At last her pure and persistent love conquered the unconquerable God. Krishna at last agreed to be bound by his mother’s love.

Yashoda was not frustrated. She was patient, perservant and peaceful.  She was full with bliss and was absorbed in tying her beloved child. Pure selfless love is the right thing that we can bind ourselves to. It is the best motive and the best motivator. Pure and selfless love towards God is the best thing to be bound because it is eternal. The joy is everlasting and ever-increasing. Let us rekindle this divine love on this auspicious Diwali by offering our heart in devotion and thus decorate our life with ever-fresh and ever-increasing joy.