Good wishes and Gratitude

Saying to someone – “thank you” and hearing someone say – “all the best” may appear sometimes trivial. These small things make big difference to life. Successful people don’t do different things but do things differently.

If we observe our life closely, we are dependent on others. When we are born, we are dependent on our mother, then comes father, teacher, friends, colleagues, spouse etc. At any cross section of life, we are dependent on someone.

All throughout we are dependent on nature. We eat food but without our knowledge and control, it gets digested. Without our knowledge and control, our body breathes perfectly every second. If we are not doing it our self, someone else is controlling our body for us and with such great precision.

Our smartphone works automatically but it is result of hard work of several engineers, designers and scientists. Our body millions of times more complex and more perfect, has it come out of nothing? No, someone has made it for us.

Therefore we are not independent. We are dependent. Our level of control or influence is very less. Considering our self alone as the sole doer and controller is an exaggeration of ego (Bhagavad Gita 3.27)

 We are dependent not just for money, resources, and official help. We need encouragement, care and love. These fill our heart with positive energy and vitality. These things cannot be bought with money.

We need selfless, satisfying and sweet relationships. We need to recognize our dependence on others, seek their help and at the end acknowledge and distribute the credits we get.

Good wishes start with seeking blessings but we need to learn from others with a mood to apply and offer service. Then good wishes, encouragement naturally spring.

Gratitude starts with saying “thank you”. We also need to reciprocate through service and sacrifice.

When we seek good wishes of others, we can make better and fulfilling contributions to society. When we acknowledge others’ contributions and reciprocate with them we make others and    our self happy. 


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