God’s grace is the greatest and the sweetest thing we can ever experience. God’s grace takes us beyond the pains and problems of the world. It clears the confusion and illusion within and bestows absolute clarity in tune with the absolute reality. It helps us to connect in a loving relationship with God and experience his complete and ever-increasing love (BG 2.65). God’s grace is also the rarest. The reason is that few know about it and its greatness. Even among the few who know about it, very few desire to get it and endeavor to attain it (SB 6.14.5). Let us remember the greatness and uniqueness of God’s grace and inspire and enthuse ourselves to desire it more and endeavor for it more.

God’s grace is available for everyone

Everyone, all living entities around, is a child of God. He loves everyone irrespective of whether they love him or not. He loves without any discrimination between rich and poor, wise and foolish and human and sub-human. He is present as the Supersoul or the inner conscience within everyone (BG 5.29). He is always eager to reciprocate with our love. He eagerly waits for us to turn back to him and start loving him. Krishna tirelessly tries to lovingly attract us back to his loving service through his earthly pastimes, spiritual texts and his loving devotees who share similar compassion and act as instruments of his grace.

God’s grace is beyond time and space

God is omnipresent. He is present everywhere, ever-ready to reciprocate with our love. He was available to Gajendra at the Trikuta mountain, Dhruva in the remotest of jungles and Pracetas in the deep sea. He is present within our heart. He is our closest neighbor. He is omnipotent and beyond the influence of time. He is eternal and his love for us is eternal (BG 2.12). It never diminishes with time and it is never obstructed by time. Krishna is eagerly waiting for us birth after birth since time immemorial.

God’s grace is unlimited

With God’s grace, we can go beyond the sufferings of this world. We can go beyond the desire to enjoy in this temporary world and attain lasting satisfaction. We can attain transcendental knowledge and go beyond the falsity and illusion of this world and become aware of the supreme reality. But the greatest grace of God is that he takes us back into his loving service through which we can experience unlimited love and we can offer love unlimitedly. This exchange of love between us and Krishna goes on beyond the influence of space and time. Thus, God’s grace is unlimited.

Radharani – personification of God’s grace

Radharani, the divine consort of the Supreme Lord Krishna is the personification of his divine grace. On one hand, she offers the deepest and most intimate love to Krishna. On the other hand, she nourishes all of us with love for Krishna. She teaches us how to love Krishna by her own example. She accepts us mercifully and engages us in Krishna’s service. Lord Chaitanya comes with the heart of Sri Radharani and mercifully distributes love of God to one and all without any discrimination.