In the past often the word “sacrifice” used to appear a bit scary to me. Only of late I am able to realize how sacred it is. To some extent I am starting to realize whatever I am today, whatever I have today is the result of sacrifice.

Someone at some point of time has sacrificed to give me something – parents, teachers, friends, mentors.

Every one of us is a person and being grateful to each other is natural for every one of us. This is what makes us actually happy. The more we connect to people in a selfless way, we will be able to perceive others’ selfless contributions and we will be inspired to reciprocate with them.

We can connect to others to the extent we disconnect ourselves from selfish pleasures. When we understand that we are spiritual beings and act with that understanding, we can easily forgo the temptations for selfish pleasures.

We are spiritual beings covered by two sets of coverings made of matter. Our gross body is like the hardware and subtle body consisting of mind, intelligence, ego is like the software. We the soul are the user.

Excessive sense indulgence and infatuation with matter reduces our ability to act selflessly on the spiritual platform [Bhagavad Gita 2.44]. These pleasures appeal only to our gross existence and they are pregnant with pain. We should love people and use things and not the vice versa.

When we start acting selflessly with spiritual understanding, we will be gradually freed from selfish activities and eventually selfish thoughts, desires and conceptions. Hence purified we can understand and remember how others are contributing in our life.

We can reciprocate with them and experience the real joy that is natural for everyone of us.        


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