Lord Ram, the best master

 Veerasikhamani Pallavaraya, the king of SriRangam was an ardent devotee and disciple of Sri Parasara Bhattar. One day he came to Sri Parasara Bhattar and requested him to teach him an easy way to tackle the problems of his state. He also requested to make him more spiritually oriented. Sri Parasara Bhattar then advised him to concentrate on the form of Lord Sri Rama, who was camping with his vanara sena (army of monkeys) on Suvela Mountains on the other shore of oceans, ready to lay siege to the city of Lanka. Sri Parasara Bhattar asked the king to constantly contemplate on this form of Lord Sri Rama without fail.  The King was unable to know the implication of this advice. He requested the great Acharya Sri Parasara Bhattar himself to clarify. Then Sri Parasara Bhattar said “By the time Lord Sri Rama reached Lanka with his army, it was evening time. As they reached the Suvela Mountain, the sun had already set. It became dark everywhere. That was the time when rakshasas grow stronger. The capital of Lanka was not far off. So the vanara (monkey) army decided to protect Lord Sri Rama and Lakshmana the whole night without a wink and they even arranged among themselves to take care by shifts. But as hours advanced, the vanaras (monkeys) totally exhausted, slowly slipped into a deep slumber, induced by a cool sea breeze. As soon as they slept, both Lord Sri Rama and Lakshmana got up, took the bows and arrows, and kept vigil for sleeping vanaras (Monkeys). Thus Lord Sri Rama himself protected the vanaraas (Monkeys), who thought of protecting him. So, entrust all your responsibilities and care and anxieties to Lord Sri Rama. He will take good care of you”.  King fell at the feet of Sri Parasara Bhattar and thanked him for the enlightenment.

Lord Rama is not like a master of the world who are finite, flawed and fallible. Lord Rama is eternal. His love for his servants is eternal. His ability to love his servants is Supreme beyond the limitations of space and time. His love is selfless. He is not like a master of the world who exploits his servants. Lord Rama reciprocates readily with the love of his servants, constantly remembers and relishes the love of his servants and ultimately rewards their love by giving himself completely to them. We can gradually experience this love and shelter of the Lord through surrender to him through the process of devotional service through hearing, chanting and remembering and letting go of our worldly anxieties and aspirations.

He has assured us in Bhagavad Gita that he will preserve what we have and provide us what we lack (BG 9.22). He also assured that he will help us make more progress in the path of devotional service (BG 18.58).