Making best out of our mistakes

Every one of us commit mistakes in life. From students to scientists, everyone commits mistakes sometime in life. What we do after our mistakes matters more than just our mistakes.

Mistake is an event where we unintentionally end up causing damage to ourselves or others.

Why we commit mistakes ?

To err is human. Our senses have various limitations. Our eyes need sufficient light to see. Our ears can only hear sound that fall in audible range of frequencies. Our physical strength is limited.

Our skills are limited. We are not good at everything all the time. Our speech can have imperfections. Others may misunderstand our speech and we may misunderstand other’s speech.

Things around us always don’t go the way we want. Therefore there are several chances that we may commit mistakes.

Mistakes – Accept or Accuse others

 Many of us want to be perfect. But the reality is it is not always possible. So what to do – shall we cover up our mistakes and look perfect?

It is not always possible to make a show of perfection or innocence. We may be able to cheat some people for some time but not all people for all the time. We cannot cheat our self. There is no happiness doing that.

By covering up our mistakes, we lose opportunities to improve our self and our contribution to others. Our happiness expands when our efforts to make others happy expand.

When we try to justify our self or blame others for our mistakes, we break trust of others and ruin our relationships.

When we accept and admit our mistakes, it is good but it does not end there. We need to take corrective action. Then we increase the trust of others. We also improve our abilities. Trustworthy relationships bring lasting fulfilment to life.


Therefore mistakes help us not hurt us. If we admit our mistakes and correct our self, we increase others’ trust and we improve our self. If we try to blame others, we fail to improve and damage trust of others.


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