The world presents us with joys and sorrows. Miseries can be classified broadly into three types – miseries due to own body and mind (physiological and mental problems), miseries due to others (relationship and social problems) and miseries due to nature – weather, natural disasters. Joys are mainly in the form of positive stimulus for senses, mind, intellect and ego. Every one of us want to forget miseries and be absorbed in joy. We are trying to achieve it through movies, games, sports, television etc. But we find that we quickly get satiated with these forms of recreation and always look for something new. This is one of the impetus for innovation and development.

One of the ways to attain satisfaction is to discover our innate propensity to work, contribute to society. It is also called as niche – the function in society which we are naturally attracted to and are adept at (BG 4.13). Since Arjuna naturally belongs to the fighting class, he could easily absorb himself in archery. It can be discovered through conscious awareness and consultation of expert spiritual guides. Conscious awareness can be acquired by adopting the attitudes and activities in mode of goodness (BG 17-18 chapters). Since these activities are still connected to this world of limitation and duality, they cannot bestow complete satisfaction and joy. Nonetheless, the fact we are looking for such an absorption implies that we have experienced such absorption before. Such absorption is possible at spiritual level. When we connect to the Supreme Lord through Bhakti yoga, we can attain such absorption. This absorption is completely satisfying, bestows supreme happiness, transcendental, such that there is no better gain than this and nothing can disturb us from this stage (BG 6.20-23). This state can be attained by directing our natural propensity with the purpose of remembering, glorifying and serving the Supreme Lord (BG 18.46).


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