Variety is the spice of life. Novelty-seeking is an innate human propensity. Dovetailing this propensity expertly and effectively, the human kind ushered progress and pleasure from time immemorial. This propensity, being misunderstood and misdirected from the true purpose of life and the world, has serious ramifications today. Let us study this propensity from ontological, historical and spiritual perspectives.

The nuances of Novelty

The principal energies of creation are knowledge potency(jnana sakti), creative potency(kriya sakti) and sensual potency(dravya sakti) [SB 2.5.24]. The knowledge potency makes us aware of the world and help us to derive new information through consciousness and retain with the help of memory (mind). This is generally denoted as inquisitiveness or discovery. The creative potency helps us to synthesize newer conceptions and derive newer understandings through intelligence and perform newer actions through senses. This is generally denoted as creativity or innovation. The sensual potency helps us to derive newer experiences with different objects of the world in different ways through means of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. This is generally denoted as novelty. For brevity sake, we are treating all these three propensities as novelty.

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