Prosperity and Spirituality – 1 : Spirituality gives proper purpose to get prosperity

Money is the most coveted object these days. Being prosperous is considered as synonymous for being successful. Many desire to become prosperous. Few become prosperous for some time. Very few remain prosperous for all the time. It is generally believed that spirituality and prosperity are mutually exclusive. In actuality, spirituality complements prosperity.

Prosperity without a purpose

An impetus to make money owing to social pressure or peer pressure will not pay off in the long run which is often the case of modern youth. Such a weak purpose in this case lacks clarity and practicality since the impetus is largely derived from without than within. To the extent, purpose for prosperity is not clear, to the same extent, planning and process to achieve that prosperity will not be clear. If an individual sets goals for prosperity based on popular opinion rather than based on self-assessment and inspiration, the goals will not be realistic. This is evident in the annual college dropout stats which is a staggering one million according to Forbes. Every student starts with a great dream. Often most of them dream based on popular opinion not based on self-inspiration. They end up distracted and some dropping out.

Prosperity with a one-sided purpose

There may be a few students who are very convinced that to make it in life, they need money for sure. This is not based on a popular opinion or an inferiority complex. This is based on a well-grounded understanding about the need for prosperity based on conscious observation of oneself and others and right knowledge. To make ends meet one needs money. Because of being very clear and convinced about purpose, one can chalk out a proper, time-tested and realistic path to achieve it. If the conviction about purpose is based on right knowledge, one will be more determined and less distracted. Often the purpose to get prosperity is impelled by self-centerdness i.e. to make a living, to feed one’s own dependents, to have comfortable life and to achieve a prestigious position.

Prosperity with a balanced purpose

A purpose based on self-centeredness is not sustainable because it has limited scope. Once, one achieves enough prosperity sufficient for basic sustenance and future financial security, then the purpose is finished. One has to find a new purpose. The self-centered purposes are often prone to become unrealistic and lead to frustration if they become disproportionately self-centered like one wants to become the best and topmost in one’s field. Self-centeredness can also lead one to greed and indulgence which can compel one to resort to crime and corruption (BG 3.41). Spirituality helps one regulate self-centeredness and balance between self-centeredness and selflessness (BG 3.8). Selflessness has very broad scope. Serving humanity, contributing to a field of knowledge have practically unlimited scope. There will not be any chance of frustration.