Retirement – Adversity or Opportunity ?

Every one of us agree to the fact that life is not a bed of roses. There are ups and downs in life in this world around. There is joy and pain, heat and cold, honor and dishonor, victory and defeat. As an ill luck would have it, the world is beset with duality. If there is one reason to celebrate, there are other reasons to feel pained. These dualities are impartial – everyone from Bezos to beggar on the street, everyone has to experience them. Even Satyavati belonging to the royal Kuru dynasty is not spared.

Is there a way out? We try to overcome these dualities through relationships and recreation.

Relationships in this world are indeed more relish able to heart than the objects of the world. A sweet home with loving mother, spouse, child is more worth than a smart hope equipped with a Mac, Siri and car  Unfortunately relationships in this world are short-lived and are also spiced with dualities – separation, misunderstanding, suspicion etc.

We also look for a vacation to get rid of the tiresome life in this world. We often cherish our weekends than weekdays. Today the forms of recreation and entertainment are such that they further our involvement with the dualities painting a rosy picture of the realities of life. Whether watching TV or web, ads are our constant companions pushing us harder to work.

If we deeply look within ourselves, we long for unending happiness and unending existence. We don’t want to get old and diseased. But how is it possible?

It is possible only on a spiritual realm. We are not just the physical bodies but spiritual beings as corroborated in Bhagavad Gita 2.13

We can access the spiritual realm of happiness through the process of yoga. The practice of yoga needs focus, free from the distractions and dualities around. Therefore we need to retire at some point from active involvement in the world around to access the world beyond.

Therefore Satyavati wisely retired from the royal life for a higher purpose.

Retirement is not a defeat but a conscious recourse for a deeper and better discovery.


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