Sattva without spirituality – A time bomb

Mr.Pradeep Kurulkar was head of Research & Development Establishment of DRDO at Pune. He was a top-notch scientist of the country and was instrumental in developing critical defense technology. He is a great patriot was active in social service through organizations like RSS. He is a good family man and an outstanding citizen. He excelled in technical competence, social contribution and personal character, something rare in these times. All was going well for Mr.Pradeep Kurulkar  till May 2023. On May 3rd, 2023, he was arrested by Maharashtra ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad) for allegedly sharing sensitive defence related information to agents of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence. All his admirers at DRDO and RSS were shocked that how can a man of such character commit such a condemnable act.

Why good people end up doing bad things?

It is tough to maintain good values and strong character for long time. It takes sacrifice and sense control. It needs restriction, regulation and repression of the pushings within – the pushings for sensuality and selfishness. It needs cultivation of wisdom, satisfaction and good habits. Pradeep Kurulkar was very successful at this. This cultivation did not help him ultimately to get rid of the pushings  within – the devil within. As a result, he ended up succumbing to it. He was honey-trapped by an ISI agent. The agent took help of a girl who approached Kurulkar in guise of being interested in his research work.  Kurulkar was unaware that the woman was from Pakistan and that he shared information with her because he was feeling lonely at the age of 59. He believed that the woman was genuinely interested in his work and was flattered by her admiration. Kurulkar apparently thought that by exchanging information with her, he could educate her, and in return, engage in sexting with her.

In this way, Kurulkar got blinded and was dragged to obscenity. He ended up sharing confidential information putting national security at stake. A lifestyle of goodness consisting of character, wisdom and responsibility does not fill the heart with deep satisfaction and happiness. Goodness also gets overpowered by passion and ignorance (BG 14.10). Lacking a higher and purified happiness, a person in goodness likely falls prey to the lower pushings of lust, greed, anger, pride and envy .

Be spiritually connected – remain good forever

Real happiness comes from a strong, stable and satisfying relationship. Worldly relationships are subjected to limitations of space and time and contaminated by selfishness. Therefore, such happiness is possible at a spiritual plane through relationship with God. Such relationship can be gradually cultivated through the process of Bhakti-yoga. That happiness will not be affected by the worldly changes and limitations (BG 6.20). The character and contribution based on spiritual relationship and knowledge becomes immune to external temptations and tribulations. It also gradually purifies the inner selfish vices of lust, anger, greed, pride and envy. It renders permanence, stability and correctness to the worldly wisdom, values and virtues. Thus, a spiritual connection with God helps one remain good forever.