Secrets to Successful Relationships

Do Relationships really matter ?

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. Be it in a family, community, team at work place, we need others. Others need us too.

In a group of people, each one is gifted with a unique talent, resource etc. Everyone has something unique and important to contribute to the common good of all. We also have limitations w.r.t abilities, resources and time. We need others’ help to complement and supplement our contributions.

We need good relationships for our external as well as internal wellbeing. When the relationship is predominantly selfish, it does not satisfy our heart. For eg – a merchant-customer relationship.

We need selfless relationships for our heart’s fulfilment. Such selfless relationships cater to both our internal and external needs. Our real happiness is in making others’ happy. For eg – a mother-child relationship.

Selfless relationships are characterized by the virtues of sharing, sacrifice and sensitivity.

Why should we share what we have ?

Every one of us possess resources more than what we need – be it wealth, assets, time. We also possess skills, talents which others lack. We received these skills and resources on account of others’ sacrifice – be it Mother Nature, parents, teachers and friends. Now it is our turn to share these to those who are in need.  

In this story, Kunti shared her mystic power with Madri so that she can also get children like her. She could understand that Madri being a woman likes to have children. When we help others in need selflessly feeling for their suffering, we touch their hearts. They will value our relationships.

Kunti also took care of Madri’s children along with her children even before King Pandu’s passing away. This inspired and assured Madri to entrust her children before her final journey with King Pandu.

Why should we be sensitive to others ?

Every one of us is an individual. Every one of us have different personalities, upbringings. Therefore every one of us have different concerns and expectations.

When we respect others concerns and expectations and cater to them, they feel valued and loved. At times, we may have to forgo our own interests for this, it is worth it.

In the story Kunti was sensitive to the desire of Madri to go along with King Pandu. She could understand the intense attachment of Madri to Pandu and her inability to bear separation.  When we share what we are given with others and behave and act sensitively respecting other’s concerns and expectations, they feel loved and develop trust. In this way we can build fulfilling relationships.


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