Time – Torturer or Teacher

There has been an unprecedented crisis everywhere in the form of a global pandemic, only second to the World War times in severity and damage. It has affected various spheres of life – physical, economic, social, emotional etc.  Quite some of us might have gone through this pain ourselves or see our near and dear ones go through the pain. Now is a time to reflect. Why we have to go through this pain? We are good people. Why is time so torturous, treacherous?

If we take a closer look, there is a thin silver lining. The whole world has come together like never before to fight this pandemic ignoring different types of barriers, caremongering has risen among the public, pollution has been greatly less owing to drastic decrease in transport, most of us got to spend time with our loved ones that we have often neglected in the name of career etc, many of us got to learn about online technology. After all it is not completely bad. There were years in past where the quantum of pleasure is more than pain but still there was pain. Time is giving us pain and pleasure. Why both?

It is not the problem with time but with this place – the world we live in. It is a place of dualities – heat-cold, pleasure-pain as told in Bhagavad Gita 9.33. It had been the same in the past, it will be the same in the future. Here Lord Krishna is urging Arjuna to stop searching for happiness in the world around and to search for happiness beyond the world i.e spiritual pleasure. Spiritual pleasure is eternal and ever increasing and can be cultivated through Bhakti yoga. Time through pains and puny pleasures of this world is teaching us to focus on the spiritual pleasure and reduce our dependence on the ever tempting limited worldly pleasures. Time is helping us not to get distracted by the insubstantial temporary pleasures of this world but get attracted by the ever increasing and ever-lasting spiritual pleasures.


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