Titan sub disaster – Bhagavad Gita Perspective

It is a very tragic accident. It is a loss of five eminent personalities who are great contributors in fields of business, underwater tourism and underwater exploration. It was also very unfortunate that there was no trace left of the remains of the deceased. We can draw few lessons based on Gita from this –

Responsibility: It is very encouraging to see a quick and massive search and rescue effort from US Navy and Coastguard. It used very high-end equipment and was a race against time. It showcases dutifulness and a sense of responsibility from the side of government. Gita stresses on being dutiful and not to be lazy or irresponsible (BG 2.47). It is very important to have a responsible and responsive administration for smooth functioning of society.

Reliablity: In the wake of this disaster, it came to light that the Oceangate company had forgone a security assessment for the submersible before making it operational. Experts both within the company and without warned the Oceangate’s management of this flaw. Prioritizing profit over customary safety is not a healthy way to success. According to Gita, this approach of prioritizing selfish interests is in mode of passion and is detrimental to the doer and others (BG 18.26). This approach may provide short-term gains but incur long-term loses. Greed blinds one to the welfare of others. One needs to constantly strive for enhancing the reliability of the products that we manufacture and the services we offer.

Recreation: Tourism is basically recreation. The fact that a huge sum is being spent on recreation indicates the value that is being given to this type of recreation. This type of recreation is not constructive to the individual and does not aid in spiritual growth of the individual. The happiness experienced is momentary. This type of enjoyment is happiness in mode of ignorance (BG 18.39). The energy, resources and adventure in human life is primarily meant for spiritual growth rather than pursuit of material enjoyment (SB 3.10.26)

Reality: We are living in a very complex world. No arrangement in this world is completely safe. Danger can strike at the least expected moment. It can be danger to finances, assets and even life. Therefore it is imperative that we base our definition of success and source of real happiness on things beyond this world i.e. pursuit of spiritual values and spiritual happiness. Such happiness is unaffected by the dynamics, dualities and dangers of this world (BG 6.20).